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#CrazyFrance #FunkyParis Is Alain Juppé gonna come back (again) ?

I don’t think it is advisable, but I admit it is possible … that the French right side, and France, be ready for suicide .. again.




Is That Real Bad Time for Donald #Trump ?

Some Clinton fans pretend they have found  evidence, that Donald tried to grab #Paris’ pussy, when attending college.


Can it be true ?

A sex tape floating in the web shows Paris flirting with a red-haired handsome, and she seems to be in her college time in the film, but was it … at Wharton ?

Bad time for Tourism in #Paris, France


Bye, Paris, France

After Kim Kardashian rushing from her luxury hotel, Vladimir Putin staying alive away from Elysée Palace … bad indian summer for Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s tourist office (not to mention French President François Hollande re-election polls …).


Hi, François from Paris !

I don’t know what happened to #KimKardashian in #Paris, and I don’t give a d…


A so-called “Kim Kardashian” allegedly was tasting French Fries in Paris, France.


Possibly she spent the night somewhere insanely expensive.


Supposedly she was stolen jewels worth a few millions of dollars.


Apparently she could not do any good selfie, neither catch any Pokemon.


Therefore (or for any other reason), maybe she is gone drink coffee elsewhere.


Who knows ?


And who cares, appart from Paris Mayor’s so-called spin doctors ?


Beware sex on the beach

La Plage avec Plaisir

Dura sex, sed lex ?

More (in French, sorry) : https://renaudfavier.com/2016/08/19/cest-pourtant-pas-la-mer-a-boire-de-se-debarrasser-des-provocateurs-en-burkini/

Beware (sex on the) beaches, in Mediterranean countries (and be careful in France, with ou without burkini swimming clothes), this summer …


Junk(ies) in #Paris #France ? No comment …


Credit : Reuters / Charles Platiau – via The Telegraph

Never mind the French … garbage in the streets.

Its smell is actually better than the stinking cigares on café terrasses, the toxic diesel particles in the streets (especially for kids and dogs and dwarves with their nose lower, and possibly better, than ours), and the dirty hands of too many French (politicians, but not only).

Besides, after a few decades of French style socialism “à la Saint-Germain des Prés”, many French, especially Parisians without subsidized housing and a job in the administration, football or the glamour business, have no better choice for food than picking up rotten cherries, disposed caviar and other junk food left by the richer tourists and more famous sociali(s)tes.

More (by The Telegraph, in Oxbridge British English, of course, not French or other globbish junk) : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/09/pictures-of-the-day-9-june-2016/a-waiter-stands-near-a-pile-of-rubbish-bags-in-front-of-the-cafe/

Vive la France (de gauche caviar de maintenant) !

No comment, indeed.

Reno – June 10th, 2016

The French Love it Short #PanamaPapers


“Let’s see the list of those who don’t cheat, it will be shorter” – Credit : Wingz

French KISS (Keep It Short, Stupid) is good, but tax cheating comes more often.

More about #PanamaPapers (in French, sorry) : https://surlepouceparis.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/cest-la-guerre-economique-au-panama-maintenant/

RF – April 7th 2016