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Keep Calm, It’s only April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day

Click if U dare !

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Sauvez Grominet !

Please tsunamize Twitter with #SaveSylvester twits 

Spring 2016 is rainy … in England

Swans in Worcester March 2016

Worcester, England, March 2016

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Happy #Easter from #Paris, with e-Love

Easter Pâques

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Renaud – March 24th, 2016

Fan-Club or Elephant Club ?

French socialist leader maxi-mots François Hollande used to have a fan-club … when former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was in charge. But this time is long gone, and now only few French people love him in Paris and orbi…


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To Catch or not to Catch … 22 ? #Trump


The question is not if Trump is a boxer or a catch  (22?) player, but if any Republican would be candidate can catch him up before he plays Clinton (Hillary) or whoever the Democrats chose for the “Winner takes all” (or is it “Winner shaves all” ?) election in a few months.


Catch22 situation indeed, not sure Hillary will stay long hairy …

Renaud Favier – March 15th, 2016


Happy Women’s, Woman’s, Women’s Rights, whatever works Day !


Let’s celebrate and enjoy March 8th, whatever it’s official nickname, that’s all …

Renaud Favier – March 8th, 2016