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#CrazyFrance #FunkyParis Is Alain Juppé gonna come back (again) ?

I don’t think it is advisable, but I admit it is possible … that the French right side, and France, be ready for suicide .. again.




Bordeaux, or Boredom wine ?

To b(or)e (a boring wine talker) or not to b(or)e (a Bordeaux wine lover) ?

Inauguration de la Cité du Vin Bordeaux Hollande Juppé 31 Mai 2016

Small Talk (by current, possibly next French President) …

Hollande Cité du Vin 31 mai 2016

Smarter Talking (by current Bordeaux Mayor, possibly next French President) …

Juppé Cité du Vin 31 mai 2016

More boring Talking (by current Aquitaine president, Baronet of Bordeaux Wine)

Rousset Cité du Vin 31 mai 2016

Enough with boring talking heads, let’s drink Bordeaux wine !

More (in French, sorry) : https://renaudfavier.com/2016/05/31/cite-du-vain-ou-des-deux-vains-bordeaux/ 

Renaud Favier – May 31st, 2016