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New #Velib bicycle race in #Paris

As the new Velib is electric (some say “nuclear”), U don’t need pedals …

RF – August 25th, 2018

If you don’t feel like a coffee, drink Chateau de France

Not everybody finds everyday a “Grand Bordeaux” in every cellar, but if and when one encounters a 1990 “Chateau de France” bottle hapazardly, one should not think twice before rushing for good (French, what else ?) cheese, excellent bread, palatable friends (which may not be French, provided they can enjoy a great wine) and a decent corkscrew.

Cheers !

RF – August 24th. 2018

Postcards from Paris, with love …

Paris, Quartier Latin – August 2018

Paris, Quai d’Anjou / Ile Saint Louis – August 2018

Paris Plages – August 2018

No Velib … Enjoy Trottilib à Saint Germain des Prés … – August 2018

That‘s all folks – Paris / Jardin du Luxembourg

Elon, please come back from Paris


Credit : Twitter

Elon Musk loves city of romantic dream(er)s Paris, and Paris loves man of dreams Elon Musk …

Elon Musk Paris Sorbonne

Credit : Web

But real life is no place for romantic dream(er)s …

Elon, please come back to earth …

Starman Tesla to Mars credit Le Quotidien AFP

Credit : Le Quotidien / AFP

Elon, please come back from … Paris long Holiday.

RF – August 20th, 2018

Let them s(w)ing without Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is gone. Let’s say a payer.

She’s can sing with Whitney again.

But Annie Lennox (and many others) will have to to it without her.


Never mind, just the French kid(s) playin’ on the beach …

August in France, d…ed French August … and/or da…ed French kid(s) ?

RF – August 10th, 2018


The place to baby in #Paris : Jardin du Luxembourg, where else ?

“Le Luco” is the (usually) well taken care of private garden of the oldest wheelchair French politicians, but this luxury ressort is also most welcoming to baby charriages (and their nannies).

Besides, as bookshops are replaced by junkfood stores, growing up parisien babies like babyfooters in startup incubators, and other millennials yet to learn to read and write, not to mention plaint, can find the playground attractive.

Those who can’t walk in the garden, baby talk in and out the senate, and those who can’t read, twit and shout aloud and around, no, not the senate’s clock, the Sorbonne cafés …

RF – August 8th, 2018