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Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay


Chabada Waiting for Morning Coffee

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Renaud Favier – September 29th, 2015

Flower Power ? #VW


More (in French, sorry)

You’d better read … better e-readings


Reading bad stuff is boring … read good e-stuff

#COP21 green circus coming soon in Paris, France !

Le Parisien 10 septembre 2015 Cop21

Le Parisien 10 septembre 2015 Cop21

The (real) question is : “Where will all the expensive eco-bureaucrats, self-declared organic politicians, and other subsidized greenwashers go next year, for their (Christmas purchases ?) #COP22 jamboree with first class Champagne and Business-Club sandwiches ?”

Renaud Favier – September 10th, 2015

One Bardot Movie a Day, Keeps the Doctor at Bay

Doctor at Sea Rendez-vous à Rio Brigitte Bardot

Rendez-vous à Rio / Doctor at Sea – 1955

God (created Bardot) bless Youtube !