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Bordeaux, or Boredom wine ?

To b(or)e (a boring wine talker) or not to b(or)e (a Bordeaux wine lover) ?

Inauguration de la Cité du Vin Bordeaux Hollande Juppé 31 Mai 2016

Small Talk (by current, possibly next French President) …

Hollande Cité du Vin 31 mai 2016

Smarter Talking (by current Bordeaux Mayor, possibly next French President) …

Juppé Cité du Vin 31 mai 2016

More boring Talking (by current Aquitaine president, Baronet of Bordeaux Wine)

Rousset Cité du Vin 31 mai 2016

Enough with boring talking heads, let’s drink Bordeaux wine !

More (in French, sorry) : 

Renaud Favier – May 31st, 2016


Good Game, Brexiters


Game over, Brexiters have lost the game.

RF – May 28th, 2016


Let’s (not) hoax


Lol #TTIPLeaks #TaftaLeaks by #GreenPeace

I usually don’t give a damn when 40 year-old students or so called engaged citizens working with ONGs protest against this or that, because democracy and civilisation are not noisy ungrownups and subsidized tax free activists, but I’m all the more happy about the TTIPLeaks, since this may help save good food and decent European civilization for a little while more.


More (in French, sorry) :

Renaud Favier  – May 2nd, 2016