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#Macron used to be the darling of Davos, and Macron’s #France once was a darling of global #business

French voters wanted to believe, that Macron could rescue France …

European leaders wanted to believe, that Macron’s France could rescue Europe …

Global investors wanted to believe, that the Wunderkid could rescue the markets …

beach macron

Young World Rescuer not in Davos

Back to reality in Paris and orbi.

Don’t confuse Bay (or other things) watching, and ski monitoring (or no-show) …

RF – January the 23rd, 2019

Let Them Play #EngCro #FifaWorldCup #QueLesMeilleursGagnent #AllezLesBleus

Let them talk !

Mammy Blue says : “Allez Les Bleus !”


Mrs President says : “Allez les Bleus !”


Everybody says : “Que les meilleurs gagnent !”

Let them all say : “Allez les Bleus” (which in French is : “Que les meilleurs gagnent”, of course).

RF – July 11th-15th, 2018

Good game, Brexiters

Survey Graphs

More (in French, sorry ) :

To Catch or not to Catch … 22 ? #Trump


The question is not if Trump is a boxer or a catch  (22?) player, but if any Republican would be candidate can catch him up before he plays Clinton (Hillary) or whoever the Democrats chose for the “Winner takes all” (or is it “Winner shaves all” ?) election in a few months.


Catch22 situation indeed, not sure Hillary will stay long hairy …

Renaud Favier – March 15th, 2016


Can Bernie Sanders Surf USA ?


Yes, Bernie can … surf the wave, and he kicked Hillary’s bottom out of New Hampshire, but can he ride long enough and reach White House ?

More about surf, waves, and politicians among other important (or, are they ?) issues  (in French, sorry) :

RF – February 10th, 2016

Let’s Fly !

Karen : “Where did you get this ?”

Denis : “Mombassa ! … Get in !”

Karen : “When did you learn to fly ?”

Denis : “Yesterday !”

Happiness is as simple as “a glimpse of the world through God’s eye” …

Renaud Favier – January 20th, 2015

Merry Xmas


More about it (in French, sorry)

Renaud Favier – December 23rd, 2014