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#Davos #WEF2018 in a nutshell : America Fi(r)st (and let’s eat some fatcats)

The Prime Minister of India made a spicy guest star’s speech …

The French President talked well about #FranceIsBack, too …

And some very fascinating data and powerpoints were disclosed at the big money guys’ and girls’ yearly TEDx in Switzerland …

who cares ?

The only (two) words that will be remembered at the end of the skiing snowy week in the Swiss Alps are Donald Trump’s.


Credit : Anagrim

If you can’t beat them, (ch)eat them …

RF – January 23rd, 2018

PS : Executive summary of big guys small talks in the mountains : “Let’s eat (fat) cats”





#HappyNewYear, may The Architect(s) of the Shapes give you Force and Success