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No, not #HappyHalloween … yet … just Happy Last Weeks before #ElectionDay

Credit : Walt Disney Co.

More about politics, elections and all that XXIst century (or not) jazz (in French, sorry, and Facebook, sorry again) :è-siècle-ou-pas-274427902576866/

RF – October 27th, 2016

Happy #WorldPastaDay #PastaDay

Viva la pasta (col frutti del mare) !

Viva Italia, e viva la pappa (col pomodoro) !

Is Real Good Time coming for (America with) Hillary #Clinton ?


Maybe Hillary Clinton will be no real good for America, and American women, neither for the rest of the world, and she might even be worse a President of the US, than Donald Trump would have been,  but nobody knows, and nobody can change the future coming soon, now.


Let’s cross fingers for not too bad a surprise on, and after, election day.

Renaud Favier – October 25th, 2016

A little more (in French, sorry) :

Is That Real Bad Time for Donald #Trump ?

Some Clinton fans pretend they have found  evidence, that Donald tried to grab #Paris’ pussy, when attending college.


Can it be true ?

A sex tape floating in the web shows Paris flirting with a red-haired handsome, and she seems to be in her college time in the film, but was it … at Wharton ?


Happy #ColumbusDay from #Paris, #France, with Love


Bad time for Tourism in #Paris, France


Bye, Paris, France

After Kim Kardashian rushing from her luxury hotel, Vladimir Putin staying alive away from Elysée Palace … bad indian summer for Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s tourist office (not to mention French President François Hollande re-election polls …).


Hi, François from Paris !

Politics is a (show) business like any other business (but more expensive for customers)


Credit : unknown, via LinkedIn