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Happy #Thanksgiving from #Paris, France


Let’s be as nice to others and thankful for all (especially the 46 million turkeys who are going to be eaten these holiday) as possible, and not argue, neither complain about food, at least for a few days.

More about Thanksgiving (in French, sorry)

Renaud Favier – November 27th, 2014

Allez 2015

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It is (soon gonna be official) Champagne Time !

Marie Antoinette - Champagne

Marie Antoinette (Movie by Sofia Coppola)  – Champagne

More (in French, sorry)

Otherwise, (French) coffee

Renaud Favier – November 25th, 2014

Allez 2015

It’s Tea Time in #Paris, like it (tea) or not

Tea Time in Paris France

Like it (tea ?) or not, it’s tea time in Paris.

More about it (in French, sorry)

If you don’t like it (tea ?), please have a cup of coffee

Otherwise, a “café”

An “expresso”

Or just like a “Café du Matin à Paris”

Renaud Favier – November 24, 2014

Allez 2015

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Yes ! We have no Bananas (but we have Beaujolais Nouveau) Today


All you always wanted to hear about Beaujolais Nouveau and its Banana Taste, but never dared ask (in French, sorry)

More about Beaujolais Nouveau, where to drink (or buy) it (Le Monde, in French, sorry)

Flashback on 2013 edition

Flashback on 2012

Back in 2010

Renaud Favier – November 20th, 2014

Too late or to be late (or to hate to be late) ?


Renaud Favier – November 19th, 2014

Shadows, bl… shadows …

Credits : Paul Noth - The New Yorker Cartoons

The New Yorker Cartoons A cartoon by Paul Noth from the magazine (11/11/2014). For more:

In a nutshell in globbenglish (click hereafter for british-coffee-please/) If even the secret hidden (hideous ?) powerful brandy drinking bl…dy ba..rds of the oldschool Washington powerhouses cannot do the job, we normal people have a situation these days and little hope that things may go better by themselves …

In other words in old French (click hereafter for certains-laiment-court/) La théorie du complot global des mains invisibles est excitante, et le fantasme du “shadow” gouvernement centristes en France est amusant, mais sérieusement, si on avant un gouvernement “normal” moins tragi-comique à Paris, ça ne pourrait qu’aller un peu moins vite vers le pire … 

Renaud Favier – November 12th, 2014

Allez 2015

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Good WW1 Game, United Kingdom, Thank You


Thank You All.