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Happy New Year from #France with Love

With or without Brexit on one side of the Channel, and Yellow Vests on the other, let’s enjoy New Year’s eve with real food, not junk …

Happy New Year from oldschool France, with Love (of good life, good food, and good sense of humor, as long as they are acceptable to local standards …).

Renaud Favier – December 31st, 2018

#Brexit But what do the Brits want ?

A fresh haircut, perhaps ?

RF – December 19th, 2018

Some love Euro(pa) so much, that they would rather there be two

The late French President François Mitterrand once said he loved so much Germany, he was happy there were two (people older than 50 remember Berlin’s Check Point Charlie and other post WW2 commie goodies in Europe).

One could as well wish Euroland be divided into a Euro-Mark, and a Euro-Franc zones, post Brexit.

Or prefer there be only one Euro(pa), as well as less than two Ireland …

Me too (but “to prefer” or “prefer two” ?)

RF – December 16th, 2018

#France back to the Stones Age w. the Yellow Vests ? #GiletsJaunes

Too bad the French can’t (and never could) understand English (neither the Brits), otherwise it would not have taken them 50 years to decide to try and abolish the privileges that they believed gone for more than two centuries, and evils no healthy, even French, brains can have sympathy for …

Sous les Stones, la plage ?

Renaud Favier – December 10th, 2018