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The French are not workaholics … et alors ?


Crédit : T Rez

Even the anglo-saxon business press seems to admire the French for being rich and happy (if not really productive, because only the French believe that one can succeed lastingly without hard work, in a world and a time where and when everybody can be as smart, connected and financed as a lucky French baby-boomer) without working

The French are … “fonctionnaires”, et alors ?

“C’est une vieille habitude que j’ai …”

France is … France, et alors ?

“Le bienfaiteur”, same old story about good and evil dancing together, in France, (and in French), by Raimu (1942)

Depardieu is … French, et alors ?

Let’s watch

Depardieu is (and speaks) French, and much worse than that, but what an actor !

Renaud Favier – March 20th, 2015

Keep CarpeDieming !

Let's Go On !

Let’s Go On Enjoying Yourself !

It’s late, but not too late ( !

Reno – March 19th, 2015

To blog or not to blog ?


Credit : Gorrel

Let’s keep blogging (and reading …

“Shit !”

Shit is shit, isn’t shit ?

More about (sh)it, in French