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Happy May Day from Paris, France

Bon1erMai Happy May Day


Happy May 

#Europe : at bay, at sea, ready for take-off, or at crossroads as usual ?


Credits : Biani

The Twitter Hashtags for the “need to know” (or maybe not) about the May 25th European elections are basically #EE2014, #EP2014 and EUdebate2014.

The facebook account to follow

Recent developments (in French) :

Renaud Favier – April 29th, 2014


Sunday morning and no Coffee ?


Life, mankind, the news on TV, and Sunday mornings cannot be all that bad.


In case there is no beer in the fridge, no fridge in house, or no place with cool beer in town, suspended (free) English coffee from Paris (what else ?) is available



And, for those in a hurry, those who like it short, or those with a nostalgy for their sexy Roman Holiday, there’s always expresso “à volonté”

Keep Clam and Drink Expresso Coffee

But the Real Thing is, of course, French Coffee (and the best thing is, it’s free)


Renaud Favier – April 27th, 2014


But where is America, these days ?


Credits : Keefe

French President François Hollande was in Mexico !


Teotihuacan, Mexico, Avril 11th 2014 Jocard

French temporary President François Hollande was seen in Mexico, with a brunette, earlier this month. Some French (medias) wonder, whether he plans to come back at work in France this year, or if he will settle abroad like Charles de Gaulle when in exile in Ireland. But, in fact, nobody cares.


But where is French President François Hollande gone ?

diapo 4 herald scotland

Credits : Steven Camley – Herald Scotland

More (in French, but with globbish pictures) about French President François Hollande

Renaud Favier – April 9th, 2014 – Facebook


Credits : Uderzo – Goscinny – Dargaud

Google Glass from a (Casual Friday) Paris Viewpoint


Please Click on picture for more about Gogle Glass from a Paris viewpoint

More about Google Glass seen from Paris, France (in French, but with lovely pictures and great music net-land-arted in the Cloud)

Springtime eco-cleaning in Paris, France

France Paris Elysee François Hollande Segolene Royal Ecology

“I recycle my ex-wife, this is ecology (François) Hollande style” – Credits : Dubuz

More about it (in French) : 

Don’t laugh at France ! It’s April Day, there are many other good jokes around.

Queen Charles France Joke April day

Yes, it’s April Day in Paris …

France Hollande Europe April Day Poisson d'avril Joke Fun Humour

Yes, France is the laughing stock of Europe (herself mocked by the real world) …


Yes, Hollande is ridiculous by all, even French standards …

asterix France Hollande Europe Joke Fun Funny

But please, look elsewhere … until tomorrow, when Hollande’s France presents the new government.

Hollande Valls Europe Fun Funny Joke April Day

Renaud Favier – April 1st, 2014

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hollande April Day

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