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Tiger Day 2014

Tiger Day

WWF people struggle to help tigers survive crazy hunting and habitat squeeze .

Panthera tigris tigris Indian tigers in the water, facing each other

Only 3200 wild tigers surviving in the world, final countdown threatening.

Adopt a Tiger WWF

Yes you can do something to help


You may even “Adopt a Tiger”, with WWF

Renaud Favier – July 29th / WWF Tiger Day 2014


Bastille Day 2014 with Fireworks at Eiffel Tower in Paris #France

14juillet 2014

Fireworks direct live 23 pm Paris Time :


No (French) comment … Who cares about football / soccer anymore, anyway ?

France Football Allemagne #CM2014

We (French) are not amused, but if and when you can’t avoid it …

Renaud Favier – July 5th, 2014

Happy 4th of July 2014 from Paris, #France, with Love

4th of July Cake America USA

Happy 4th of July, from Paris, France of good life and great food, with love.

More about it :

Renaud Favier – 4th of July, 2014