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You don’t understand WTF is happening in France ? Never mind, nobody does, besides, nobody cares about #Benallagate…

Only one nobody knows, minds, and cares about this #Benallagate (or not), but nobody should care, he is nobody, and he is French.

Hollande à la plage

Former sitting tenant at Elysée Palace, Paris, France, François Hollande, at current work …

More (in French, sorry) : https://renaudfavier.com/2018/07/23/cest-un-scandale-detat-benalla-benallagate/

Even more (also in French, sorry again) : https://renaudfavier.com/2018/07/19/faudrait-voir-a-retrouver-le-langage-du-bon-sens-sur-benalla-et-pas-se-monter-la-tete-pour-une-petite-barbouzerie-de-rien/

Still more, but no more after (and again in French damned !) : https://surlepouceparis.wordpress.com/2018/07/23/benalla-sest-deja-reconverti/

RF – July 24th, 2018

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#CrazyFrance #FunkyParis Is Alain Juppé gonna come back (again) ?

I don’t think it is advisable, but I admit it is possible … that the French right side, and France, be ready for suicide .. again.



Come see domestic cattle and wild politicians, and vice-versa, at #Paris “Salon de l’Agriculture”


French President Hollande at “Salon de l’Agriculture” in Paris

More (in French, sorry) : http://renaudfavier.com/2016/03/01/le-diable-est-dans-les-etables-sia2016/

Renaud Favier – March 3rd, 2016

Never mind, it cannot get much worse in France …


Evolution of French presidents since the 1950’s – Credits : Jean-Marc

It cannot get much worse @Elysee … but some French spin doctors are working on it …


Renaud Favier – September 30th, 2014

Never mind, it’s just the French (already) fighting again for Elysée Palace

General view of Hotel Matignon in Paris

Matignon Palace, Paris, France

The French have always loved red carpets, palaces, romance, and “grandeur” …


Credits : Placide

This explains why French would be visitors and politicians queue-up by the hundreds when the palace is open for public visits, or fight like starving living deads to get invited for cocktails, garden-parties or dinners at “The Elysée Palace”. http://renaudfavier.com/2012/09/15/les-journees-du-patrimoine-2012-en-france-et-en-europe-cest-maintenant/


This must be the reason why the French former leader Nicolas Sarkozy is coming back into the ring http://surlepouceparis.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/sarkome-back-les-vraies-raisons-du-retour-de-nicolas-sarkozy/ 


Credits : Chappatte (tbc)

This must be why current French leader François Hollande has not resigned yet, in spire of disastrous polls http://renaudfavier.com/2014/09/20/france-la-foire-aux-petits-vains-honni-qui-aux-nains-y-pense-maintenant/


Credits : Chrib

Renaud Favier – September 20th, 2014

Don’t worry, this is just Hollande’s #France

Football France

Don’t worry, if you support another European political team, this is not the new French socialist government at Elysee Palace, only the ongoing (where ?) French “Président de la République”, his assistant (with ball) and some French football apparatchiks.

Don’t worry either if you support another country’s football team, these people and other politicians will be in Brazil at the beginning of the football World Cup, but they will just play and talk politics, eat and drink expensive foods, enjoy the beach and bitches, and come back as fast as possible for their summer holiday in France, when they realize it is winter in Brazil.

Don’t worry, it’s juste nowadays’ France.

Renaud Favier  – May 31st, 2014


You know what ? François Hollande is happy …


The leftist French President is on the right of the picture

The current French President François Hollande was invited in Germany, and was given a barrel of salted fish as a “souvenir”.

You know what ? He is happy, because in France, they would have thrown the fish, or maybe some barrels, at him …

More about Germano-French diplomacy (in French, sorry for German-only twitters) http://renaudfavier.com/2014/05/11/avant-la-france-avait-une-politique-etrangere-mais-cetait-avant-maintenant-elle-a-des-politiques-etranges/

Renaud Favier – May 11th, 2014