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Ich bin ein Amerikaner #HappyIndependenceDay Happy #July4

France America Gallica

Credit : Gallica

Happy (American Independence and French Bastille) July Days !

More (in French, sorry)

Renaud – July 4th, 2017


May or not May ?

May, or May not ?

May or May not ?

French elections #Elysee2017 … “Il vaut mieux en sourire”

Thank you, John Oliver, for at last some good laugh, if not believable truth, neither reliable polls, about the April-May 2017 French elections.

#Notetomyself Write a post with pictures of #Paris at Xmas time

More about Christmas in Paris :

From Paris, with Love, December 6th, 2016


If you can’t avoid it (and can afford French wine), enjoy #BeaujolaisNouveau


Happy #WorldPastaDay #PastaDay

Viva la pasta (col frutti del mare) !

Viva Italia, e viva la pappa (col pomodoro) !


Happy #ColumbusDay from #Paris, #France, with Love