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Books (and even eBooks) may be useful … at least once a year or so …

Some books may really help enjoy (survive ?) one more year, whatever year, wherever year …

Some are “must read” to envisage survival a few hours or days  in case of a plane crash in France …

Some “must read” can be partially read on a screen, but in French, and they are like the Eiffel Tower or a decent lunch, one usually doesn’t get them for free even if they are quite old.

Some other, newer, “can be read” must be totally read on a screen (whatever can cope with ePub or PdF) and can be downloaded for free or at the price of a coffee on a terrace in Paris. (Please click on icons to reach the ebook series)


Some even come for totally free although they are definitely worth more than that. (Please click here or on image to reach the ebook “Dégage, 2011 !”)

And for people with an allergy to paper or to whatever remotely looks like a book but with eyes, a screen, an iThing or whatever electronic reading device, “Café du matin à Paris” is daily (or so depending on weather conditions in Paris), free and with a touch of humour (humor in American English) at no additional cost, whatever may happen to Europe, Euro or exchange rates. (Please click here or on image to reach “Café du matin à Paris”)

One may survive without books, or e-books, or blogs, or whatever can or should be read. And one may surely easily survive without reading in French or about how the world goes as seen from Paris. But it won’t make life any better or significantly  longer, it’s just that 2012 will feel less fun and much longer. (Please click here to read more about 2012).

Please, mind the gap click on the mug to go back “Home” of English version.

RF January, 2012.

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