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Frenchonomics are not getting any better …


The French love taxes …

No comment, like nobody in the world ever gets younger, no French tax gets lower, ever, no matter what anybody tells in Davos, or promises on Youtube …

Renaud Favier – January 29th, 2015


Don’t overdrink … but enjoy as much coffee as you can

Coffee Café

One coffee a day, keeps the doctor away …

And over 1500 free suspended, healthy coffees available at will, for those with a big mouth, a giant bowl, or both …

There is nothing like a free lunch, but a lot of free coffee :

Renaud Favier – January 26th, 2015

Let’s #QE !

Mario Draghi BCE ECB

Let’s have Euro-Fun !

More about the European #QE (sorry, in French)

More about Euro-Fun (sorry again, in French again)

Let’s Hug !


Let’s Fly !

Karen : “Where did you get this ?”

Denis : “Mombassa ! … Get in !”

Karen : “When did you learn to fly ?”

Denis : “Yesterday !”

Happiness is as simple as “a glimpse of the world through God’s eye” …

Renaud Favier – January 20th, 2015

Tea Break (P’ti Break ?)

Did you say #Competitiveness in #Paris #France ?

Une certaine idée de la compétitivité

The French have always talked a lot about business (“les affaires”, in French) …

Yes they talk (serously, sometimes …

Let them talk (all year 2015 round …

Renaud Favier – January 19th, 2015