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Cows and Boys

Be it (said) in English, or in French, (most) people love (eating) cows, and (more or less) righteously so.

In a (big) nutshell, and in French :

RF – October 1st, 2018

Vache Cow

#HumanRightsDay is good, but a year is 364/5 days …

Human rights day …

Please don’t forget the rights of red-haired people struggling to survive in Asian forests despite other people’s hunger for cheap palm oil (and other things stupid children of all ages prefer to school and sport), neither the rights of our grandchildren and next humans to come to enjoy the beauties of nature and kindness of good people of all kinds, not only  suffer the results of the worst darkness and foolishness of human nature …

Human Rights.gif

Please, use your head when thinking, talking, facebooking etc. about human rights, not only your twitting finger.

RF – December 10th, 2016

Happy #Easter from #Paris, with e-Love

Easter Pâques

More (sorry, in French) :

Renaud – March 24th, 2016

Come see domestic cattle and wild politicians, and vice-versa, at #Paris “Salon de l’Agriculture”


French President Hollande at “Salon de l’Agriculture” in Paris

More (in French, sorry) :

Renaud Favier – March 3rd, 2016

#Cop21, 3rd day, some talk, some walk, few folks work …


More about the talks, walks, folks at #Cop21 in Paris (in French, sorry) :

You believe in media, politicians and/or scientists, you will love #COP21


RF – Day 2, COP21

You enjoy the cops, you will adore #COP21 in Paris, France


This is COP21 in Paris, but where are the ecologists ?

RF – November 30th, 2015