U can’t understand #France, the #French, and their “revolutions”, if U can’t speak, and read, French … neither if U can

X Gorce Students Rilways on strike in FRance

Credit : Xavier Gorce

Tentative translation :

Gland des facs = college freak

Punk à chien des Landes = post hippie with dog from the French deep countryside

Réac du rail = railways teamster

Convergence des luttes = Tinder without even a sex purpose

RF – May2018minus12days

PS : if U wanna understand France, the French, French, or whatever doesn’t work in Paris and around, maybe you should subscribe to free “Café du Matin à Paris”, rather than reading The Economist or even more anti-French, or watching teenagers twitting more or less junknews in Youtube or even less reliable (so called) media from whatever viewpoint : https://renaudfavier.com


Credit : Sanaga

Why 2018 will not be a replay of 1968 in Paris ?

Because stones are to heavy for nowadays students to throw at the police


Macron’s France is (arguably) coming back (from the deepest bottom), but the train (but not only the train) is on strike

No comment (needed).

Attractiveness on strike … or maybe not, for tourists and students with no need for transportation.

#Davos #WEF2018 in a nutshell : America Fi(r)st (and let’s eat some fatcats)

The Prime Minister of India made a spicy guest star’s speech …

The French President talked well about #FranceIsBack, too …

And some very fascinating data and powerpoints were disclosed at the big money guys’ and girls’ yearly TEDx in Switzerland …

who cares ?

The only (two) words that will be remembered at the end of the skiing snowy week in the Swiss Alps are Donald Trump’s.


Credit : Anagrim

If you can’t beat them, (ch)eat them …


RF – January 23rd, 2018

PS : Executive summary of big guys small talks in the mountains : “Let’s eat (fat) cats”




#HappyNewYear, may The Architect(s) of the Shapes give you Force and Success

If U don’t like French Coffee, drink Dubonnet

You’re never too … old #RIP #JerryLewis

I assume Jerry would say “You’re always too young to die”, under the circumstances.

RIP, Jerry Lewis.

Charade, “the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made”

Enjoy “Charade”, starring Audrey, Cary, and … Paris, among other great actors and beautiful places of the Sixties, with music by Henry Mancini … perfect backscreen Youtube for a boring summer day at the office …

By the way, thanks to a copyright mistake by Universal Pictures, the film was public domain from scratch, in 1963.

RF – August 8th, 2017