Happy 2023

Times flies, inspiration fades, world and climate change (and not mostly for the better), everybody dies (if not this year, or 2023 to come, be sure it will happen to all of them, and event to you sooner or later) dies, hair falls on top and hairs grow everywhere we would rather they would not, and another new year is here not to stay whereas rock n’ roll has disappeared long ago like Rumba, Bossa Nova and Calypso … thank Goodness (and Youtube) we still have some easy listening (if not elevator) free music …

Credit : R&B Mix

Best wishes and Happy New Year


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Trading is not playing … is it ? #StopGame

Credit : movie moguls

Make a wish … #HappyNewYear2021 #HappyNewYear

Never Mind this (or that) Year, the Future is long ans bright – Crédit : unknown, web.

Renaud Favier – https://renaudfavier.com/ – Paris, January 4th, 2021

#Tesla über alles (?) for #Thanksgiving

Would you rather buy a Turkey, or Tesla (shares) ?

High in the Sky … Credit Picture : InsideEVs

In a nutshell, maybe trees can’t grow to the sky and Tesla value will not skyrocket forever, but Elon is more energetic than ever at only 49, Musk cars are ways ahead, better, and ever more fun than anything else with four wheels on earth, and the Californian (and Chinese, and soon “ich bin ein Berliner”) carmaker’s share is flying away from gravity making shareholder ever richer and happier … as the French say : “tout le reste est littérature”.

Higher and Higher Forever ? Credit : InfoWealth

How many Thanksgiving Turkeys can (will ?) a Tesla share buy ?

RF – Paris, France, November 25th, 2020

(Some good) Wine shops (begin to) re-open in #Paris, we will survive #Covid_19 !

We have an old say, in France : “Quand l’apéro va, tout va”.

Capture d’écran 2020-04-09 à 09.26.24

Santé – Credit : Renaud Favier / Paris / April 2020

And a new one : Stay home until it is safe for you and less lucky people to enjoy a drink and some other nice things outdoor !

Santé ! (“Cheers !” in globalenglish).

Renaud – April 9th, 2020 #FromParisWithLove

#Paris #France #StayHome #Day4 #Covid19

Not so wide open, but lot of space in Paris these days …

No matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as China catches Hong-Hong (as a starter)

The Brits “hoped”, they say …

Hopes, words, and greatness go away, but written agreements, balance of power, and China stay …

Could the Brits have done better to prevent post (?) communist China from taking over and slowly digesting formerly colonial, but free (or vice-versa ?) Hong-Kong ?

If you can’t enjoy it, you should have played better to avoid it, Sirs.

Long live Democracy, they shouted … at least it has survived longer than Deng.

Long live Hong-Kong, but prepare to become more and more Chinese, like it or stay not.

RF – August 2019

Cats are cats, be they Siamese or Chinese …


Beware mid-August, end of summer holiday rushing

Enjoy morning coffee on the terrace, hibiscus flowers, and all summer holiday goodies as long as they last !

RF – August 11th, 2019

#ParisAirShow Time ! Pilotless Flying is in the air …

Pilotless aircraft is in the air in Paris …

Waiting for unmanned aviation worldwide …

Keep smiling in France as long as the plane is en marche.

RF – June 18th, 2019

These boots are made for walking … back from anywhere

Credit : Q. Tarantino / Kill Bill 2

#NoteToMyself : always wear boots that can be pulled off without hands, and that can hide a knife, you never know what may happen …

RF – June 12th, 2019