France’s President named “Statesman of the Year 2016” at a prestige dinner in New-York


François Holande : “La classe mondiale”

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Renaud Favier – September 20th, 2016


Beware balls on the beach

Game on the beach

Beware sex on the beach

La Plage avec Plaisir

Dura sex, sed lex ?

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Beware (sex on the) beaches, in Mediterranean countries (and be careful in France, with ou without burkini swimming clothes), this summer …


Good time for some painting in #Paris

Let’s paint !

Reno – August, 11th, 2016

Happy Swiss National Day (August, 1st)


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Renaud Favier – August 1st, 2016

No news, good news … from the Rosbifs ?

So, whatabout this Brexit (or not Brexit), the new Prime Minister, all that British news ?

On second thoughts … #Brexit


Crédit : Internet / unreadable signature, sorry

May I respectfully suggest, that Brits should think BEFORE they vote, not pretend to re-vote AFTER they sink, next time they have a chance to commit collective suicidal self-euthanasia and play European football as poorly as political Russian roulette, and vice-versa …

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Renaud Favier – June 28th, 2016