Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay


Chabada Waiting for Morning Coffee

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Renaud Favier – September 29th, 2015

Flower Power ? #VW


More (in French, sorry) http://renaudfavier.com/2015/09/23/volkswagen-diesel-on-ne-peut-pas-se-tromper-tout-le-temps/

You’d better read … better e-readings


Reading bad stuff is boring … read good e-stuff http://cestalire.wordpress.com

#COP21 green circus coming soon in Paris, France !

Le Parisien 10 septembre 2015 Cop21

Le Parisien 10 septembre 2015 Cop21

The (real) question is : “Where will all the expensive eco-bureaucrats, self-declared organic politicians, and other subsidized greenwashers go next year, for their (Christmas purchases ?) #COP22 jamboree with first class Champagne and Business-Club sandwiches ?”

Renaud Favier – September 10th, 2015

One Bardot Movie a Day, Keeps the Doctor at Bay

Doctor at Sea Rendez-vous à Rio Brigitte Bardot

Rendez-vous à Rio / Doctor at Sea – 1955

God (created Bardot) bless Youtube !

#AshelyMadison is good (if you like publicity for your extra-marital sex life), but Public Transportation comes more often


How to improve (b…us) traffic (on your b…log, what did you think ?)

You may not meet your next  “fiancé(e)”, or “Live SexToy”, as easily as a click on  www.AllezMadIlsSont.fr (or any of the www.meatIt.sex or www.youPork.porn) by just taking the right bus in Paris in the summertime, but you might enjoy a better view if you chose the right seat …

Renaud Favier – August 27th, 2015

A little Madness a Day keeps the Doctor Away