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Don’t worry, this is just Hollande’s #France

Football France

Don’t worry, if you support another European political team, this is not the new French socialist government at Elysee Palace, only the ongoing (where ?) French “Président de la République”, his assistant (with ball) and some French football apparatchiks.

Don’t worry either if you support another country’s football team, these people and other politicians will be in Brazil at the beginning of the football World Cup, but they will just play and talk politics, eat and drink expensive foods, enjoy the beach and bitches, and come back as fast as possible for their summer holiday in France, when they realize it is winter in Brazil.

Don’t worry, it’s juste nowadays’ France.

Renaud Favier  – May 31st, 2014


Don’t worry, the French don’t work today (either), but restaurants and churches are open for tourists


Belive or not that Jesus was a French who could speak English, but please click

The French don’t believe in nothing anymore, understandably enough, but they still don’t work whenever they can avoid it, with the excuse of religious motives. But the good news for tourists is, restaurant tend to stay open when nobody works.

Renaud Favier – May 29th, 2014


Never mind, it’s just the French playing (Pépères)Troïka …


Please Click on Tree for More about France

More about it (in French)

Renaud Favier – May 27th, 2014


Yes, Europe is Beautiful

Savoie Mont-Blanc

The Vote, a French TV Show You May (dis)Like Even More Than The Voice and Eurovision


“Dad, I try to show a better image, please stop walking that way …” – Credits : Placide

No comment.

Who cares about France, the French or French politics and politicians nowadays, anyway ?

Renaud Favier – May, 26th 2014

Happy (French) Mother Day from Paris, #France

From Paris with Love

The French love nothing, but (sexy) France, and Parisians love nobody, but (sex) friends … but we all love our mother (and mother country, and town, usually).

From Paris, to Mother (also named Mutti, Maman, Mai, Mae …) with Love.

(Never) Mind the … (French) Fat Cats


Never mind, and have a coffee 


Mind the (French SNCF) … Train

SNCF Wings

Never mind the gap, when in France, but beware the trains (as well as excessive laughter at the French, some lack self-humour, nowadays).

Read more about it in French (Le Monde)

Read more twits about it in French (Les Echos)

Laugh more about it in French (Café du Matin à Paris)  

Have another French Coffee to enjoy the laughter


Mind the (French SNCF) Gap

Crédits AH SNCF

Don’t laugh at France … yet, the week is not over yet …

Renaud Favier – May, 21st 2014


Some like it … Cool


Please Clik if you’d like … a Cool e-Coffee