“Net Land Art” tells about changes going on in France and around, with words, ideas and whatever cand be found floating in the cloud (please click on icons to read or download the eBooks), with a link with the blog “Café du matin à Paris”.

Net-Land-Art 1 : from Copenhague COP15  climate change summit onwards.

Net-Land-Art 2 : Ecologists can be quite surprising in France.

Net-Land-Art 3 : Summer  2011 was rather strange in Paris.

Net-Land-Art 4 : Post Paris-Plages Chronicles.

Net-Land-Art 5  : Indian Summer and Rugby disillusions.

Net-Land-Art 6 : France is basically 1% of the world, but the French don’t know …

©2011-2012 Net-Land-Art on facebook – – music ! 

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