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Let them s(w)ing without Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is gone. Let’s say a payer.

She’s can sing with Whitney again.

But Annie Lennox (and many others) will have to to it without her.


What’s (Tr)u(m)p (or down ? or down-under), Donald ?


Donald, or not Donald ? Donald or not Donald

Let’s see … (unless you prefer to steal a million) !

Bond, James Bond, is in #Paris

James Bond Paris 2016

Shaken, or stirred, but Bond in Paris.

More about this (in French, sorry) :

More, not Roger Moore, all the Bonds (in English, Bond English, of course)

Let’s keep Bowing !

RIP David Bowie.

More :

“Mon Dieu !” …

From Paris, with love …

RF – November 25th, 2015

Christmas Trees from #Paris, France

Xmas Tree

The French have yet another funky idea for the Xmas tree @Elysee Palace …

Libération Anal Plug McCarthy Paris France Place Vendôme

Renaud Favier – December 10th, 2014

change Paris France