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Happy #ColumbusDay from #Paris, #France, with Love


French Bashing is Good, but bad American Coffee comes more often

The good news is, French Coffee (and delicious French bashing) is available in most decent luncheonettes in America.

The bad news is,  American Coffee is much more widespread (and well deserved) in most globenglish speaking places.

The real bad news is, for coffee lovers in the Americas, the French do it better (and deserve it more) in Paris (not only coffee, among other things, but French bashing).

Let’s bash !

Reno – April 5th, 2016

Don’t spit in (neither at) #Paris, neither (at) Beaujolais Nouveau !

Some dislike Paris (and/or France, and/or the so called “French Way of Life), others just cannot stand wine (and/or friendship, happiness, love …) and some spit (or worse) as a matter of principle when they see beauty or drink Beaujolais Nouveau …


Let them spit (but elsewhere, if possible) at all they (dis)like !

http://renaudfavier.com – Paris, France, November 20th, 2015

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day !

Cheers from #Paris with Love !


RF – (3rd Thursday) November 19th, 2015

Main Blog : http://renaudfavier.com/2015/11/19/sils-naiment-pas-avoir-la-banane-servez-leur-autre-chose-que-le-beaujolais-nouveau/

Today’s Picture : http://giphy.com/gifs/funny-cute-cheezburger-13W1PP3wogSE6s

Bonjour de #Paris

And Fuck You, Daech murderer, Isis killer, terrorist bastard or whatever your name.

One should kiss more (and better)

Real Cats Love French Coffee

Chat écrivain Cat Writer

Those who can read, write ; those who can’t write, had better read better stuff.

More good stuff (in French, but with pictures) : http://cestalire.wordpress.com

RF – July 24th, 2015