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Valls, French would-be Tony Blair shaking hands with Cameron in London : Downing Street, indeed

Valls Cameron London

“Nice to meet another downing conservative politician … Me-too …”

“I want to hold your hand”… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipADNlW7yBM

Renaud Favier – October 6th, 2014

Yes, we Europeans made it through July 2012 ! Let’s Survive August, now …

Let’s enjoy summertime as long as it lasts. And don’t panic just because the weather looks like winter in Northern Europe (with the exception of sunny London), like Hell in Southern Europe, and like … nothing in France. Let’s enjoy Holiday.

RF, August 6th, 2012

Some additional e-reading may be needed about the weather and economic forecasts and other issues in Europe, France and other places these days. (Please click on pictures).


Downloading some relevant pdf for printing is another option for readers with a taste for “real” paper books (or just no Kindle).