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No Facebook Day ?


Next year, please remind about the “international no facebook day” around morning coffee time, not between Tea Time and Casual Friday Happy Hour, all the more since it’s impossible to boycott Facebook after working/facebooking hours.


Read more (in French) about it, with multimedia bonus, here : http://renaudfavier.com/2014/02/28/le-jour-mondial-sans-facebook-maintenant/

Renaud Favier – Feb, 28th 2014 – Facebook Compétitivité – LinkedIn – English

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Finger, Moon and Invisible Hand(s) at Work in Montréal …

Not all who protest for the moon deserve it, not all who ask with fingers raised deserve to be heard, but no invisible hand at work should remain unwatched because winds of change always blow in unexpected places from unexpected directions.

The closer the “Finale”, the more serious the Players … Usually. So What, Old Sports ? #Paris #France

#Politics is Addictive – #French Politics is … So French : So What ?

So What, 2012 ? (in #Paris #France #Europe #Urbi #Orbi etc…)