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Good game, #Scotland … Same player shoot again #ScotlandIndependence …

In English, they say : Good Game, and her Majesty would add “We are amused”

In Germenglich, they say : Lieber s…tuffed like Salmond als savaged like Wallace

The Auld Allies in France say : C’est la vie (et l’avis de la majorité, pour cette fois)

De Gaulle would have said, in London, or Edinburgh  : “Vive l’Ecosse … libre !”

That’s all I have to say … for the time being.

Renaud Favier – September 19th, 2014

Today or not to die, that is the question … for Scotland

Scotland Credit L'Amiral

Credits : L’Amiral

I don’t really believe Auld Alliance’s Scotland may vote to leave their United Kingdom (only bookmakers and newspeople would like us to believe that), and I’m not sure my brains follow my (brave)heart in that case, but today is as good as any other day for whatever Kingdom, an ancient world, or whatever old dream, to die.

Renaud Favier – September 18th, 2014

Scots … are about as crazy as Frogs, but at least, they speak, and write decent English


“Independant Scotland – I don’t wanna see that” Credits : Kroll

Oh ! Shocking … (though, polls and politicians are equally unreliable as any other auld allies, generally speaking, and as regards Scotland and the September “Yes or No” referendum, specifically)  http://renaudfavier.com/2014/09/07/douter-ou-ne-pas-douter-du-resultat-du-referendum-en-ecosse-pour-commencer/

Renaud Favier – September 11th, 2014