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But where is America, these days ?


Credits : Keefe

Don’t laugh at France ! It’s April Day, there are many other good jokes around.

Queen Charles France Joke April day

Yes, it’s April Day in Paris …

France Hollande Europe April Day Poisson d'avril Joke Fun Humour

Yes, France is the laughing stock of Europe (herself mocked by the real world) …


Yes, Hollande is ridiculous by all, even French standards …

asterix France Hollande Europe Joke Fun Funny

But please, look elsewhere … until tomorrow, when Hollande’s France presents the new government.

Hollande Valls Europe Fun Funny Joke April Day

Renaud Favier – April 1st, 2014

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hollande April Day

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Whatever April 1st Wheather or Game, It’s Always Time For A Good Smile