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Happy #Thanksgiving


Not all (democrat) Turkeys (in fact, only one, in principle) can be saved by Barack Obama’s sense of humour, but all can dream of White House … “pardon”.

Turkey PopCorn wins (but Caramel will live, in Virginia, too) #Thanksgiving #Pardon #Turkey


President Obama pardoned two 20-week-old, 38-pound turkeys named Popcorn and Caramel — and announced Popcorn as the official “National Thanksgiving Turkey,” after the American public weighed in on their favorites via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Good game.

Turkey Thanksgiving 2013

Renaud Favier – Nov. 28h 2013 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris – LinkedIn

Café du Matin

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Bonus : “Popcorn, you have a full reprieve from cranberry sauce and stuffing. We wish you well.” http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2013/11/27/president-obama-pardons-white-house-turkey