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He Had no Farm, but Love, and a Dream in Africa. R.I.P. Free Man Nelson Mandela

See You Madiba

He was a free man, with a dream, whose vision changed our world and hopes

Out-of-Africa RIP Nelson Mandela

He lived as a free man, whose freedom changed our vision of our world

Out of Africa - Lion - RIP Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a free man, who walked his talks, long roads and stiff paths

RIP Nelson Mandela

Good Bye, Madiba, keep walking your way and please give us hope and freedom

Bye-Bye Nelson Mandela

You left us a free man, whose freedom had brought us joy, love, respect and hope

out_of_africa RIP Nelson Mandela


Renaud Favier – Dec 6th, 2013 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris