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Was France at some kind of war with Mexico ?

Florence Cassez - Mexico

The good news is, there neither is, nor was, a war between France and Mexico. A French lady had been in jail in Mexico for 7 years, she was fred and could fly back to Paris and meet President François Hollande for a debriefing, and the French TV’s talked a lot about her 36 hours without knowing much about the story behind. Viva Mexico, and vive la France, that’s it. Read more about it here : http://renaudfavier.com/2013/01/24/viva-mexico-et-que-vive-la-france-quant-a-florence-cassez-il-ny-a-pas-eu-mort-dhomme-si-basta-cosi-non/

Renaud Favier – January 26th, 2013 – http://bonneannee2013.wordpress.com/

Bonus : nothing like good police and fair justice !


#French #Ecology = Politic(ian)s under the Sun, be it of Cancun, Durban, Rio or #Paris

Not all greencrats of France could go to the Rio+20 global conference (for budget or hotel capacity reasons, but also because not all of them speak English), so French President Hollande agreed to speak at a green French conference in Paris.

Not that there was much to say, as the socialist plateform for the presidential election was only a few months old.

Not that there was a great new opening joke.

Not that there was much new or very impressive green under the French sun worth mentionning.

Not that there was much new that the French ecolocats could not have read on the internet since Rio+20.

But the French ecolocrats are not that different from the other ecolocrats of the world, and they love to meet top level politicians once a year, to discuss together now and then (preferably in French), and to visit nice cities (preferably not in France), preferably at seaside but not necessarily if the weather is nice, the food good and the Champagne cool.

And even if they don’t talk about the real issues because nobody agrees on solutions, neither on causes and not even on facts, they appreciate, that there is an occasion to talk about them even if it is missed as usual.

So, the French have organized a French conference, 14-15th September in Paris, and the participants will listen to speeches by several French ministers (at least 15) and a lot of French ecolocrats. French ecology (Frenchology) and French “changement” (the more, the less) as usual.

Renaud Favier, September 14th, 2012.
Some additional e-reading may be needed about Europe, Euro-nomics, France, Frenchonomics, the options for Competitiveness in France in spite of it all …

… French Politics, French Wine, French Climate, French Changes and other sad issues that may be of interest even if of little importance for the real XXIst century in the world.

Please click on hereafter pictures if you don’t wanna be a potatoe couch watching the weather forecasts on Fox TV and let others enjoy sun, success, beach, love, Champagne, French learning bashing whilst you seat back in your chair reading the Sun, the Guardian or even worse and more biased against civilisation, the Financial Times and the Economist.


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