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French Labor Day …

France Muguet 1er Mai

“In view of unemployment statistics and forecasts, no lilly of the Valley for May Day, but mourning flowers”- Crédits : Frizou

We (French) are not amused …

Happy May Day from Paris, France

Bon1erMai Happy May Day


Happy May http://bonneannee2014.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/mai/ 

French Elections are much more interesting than French Football : U Should Watch on TV Sunday

The French will elect their President for the next 5 years, Sunday.There will be much good (French) talking about it before and after results, around 20:00 Paris Time. Unless there is football or Dr House on another TV channel, it’s worth watching.

Happy Workers May 1st Day, and Good Luck for 2012 and next years @ Workers and All Other People

May 1st, and not all, not only workers will demonstrate today. And not only in the streets of Paris. Whatever works as long as we have Lily and Orang-Utans in the forests. But let’s not forget that some people have less chances, even with lucky charms.

May 1st S(n)o(w) White Lily under Sunshine in #Paris Let’s Enjoy #France May Days (no, not Mayday …)

May in Paris is as delicious as June in New-York. And May 1st is a fairytale with white lily of the valley everywhere. Workers’ Day or not, Election or not, climate change or not, let’s believe in French luck and Paris charms as long as they last work.