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Let them talk, bark, yell, twist, twit, shout … provided they shoot (among) themselves


So, there is a G20 somewhere in Russia ; there may be a war somewhere in the Middle East ; and some Europeans say, that France is more nuts than (cl)ever. Frankly, as long as the city is OK, as the ale is lukewarm and the tea is hot, who cares ?


Let them talk (who listens ?), even on TV if they so like (who watches ?), provided they don’t make things worse (who cares ?) than we all have let (encouraged ?) them do (who can prevent them from ?).


Let them talk (and fight, and kill, whatever doesn’t work), provided they do it all among themselves, and they don’t ask us to pay for their worst misbehavings.


But let’s write about it now, in case it would be too late soon, when it is too late and censorship gets worse, real bad because of real war #IRL …

Café du matin à Paris 5 août 2013 9 c Renaud Favier

And let’s have coffee now, in case it gets more expensive, less tasty, or just unavailable, at wartime in Syria on top of ongoing economic wars, religious wars, ecologic wars, fatcat wars, whatever wars …


Let them talk, but don’t read only sponsorized crap, watch only horseshit and ads, and listen only to professional liars, your standard politicians, or other global village idiots, when it comes to serious issues


R.Favier – September, 6, 2013 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris – LinkedIn

Let's Have Coffee

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Bonus : Let them talk crap, if they neither want to listen to brains , nor see truth  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvP07yHPuKo

Where do the #French go ? Very Bad Trip ? The Answer, my Friend, is Blowing in the Wind …

German reunification and the Euro were the last big footsteps for small Europe, which mankind watched on TV. Now, if the French wanna try reborn socialism with gay marriage, no food, no Euro and no free press, let’s see about it on the internet.

If some other broke European countries wanna join second class Euro(pe), be it because they too wanna believe in utopias because they think dreams are better nightmares than real life, or because they have no more choice than Eastern Europe after WW2 or German democrats after 1933 elections or the free world after 1929 crisis, let’s not start a war for that and remember what the previous French socialist Leader Maximo, François I, used to say before Germany reunified : “I love Germany so much, that I am happy there are two”. Everybody loves Euro(pe) so much, let François II create its Europe II with the Club-Meds (and perhaps let French German speaking Alsace-Lorraine and Northern German thinking Italy stay in Berlin/Brussels co-managed Europe I to avoid the risk of WW3 this time, and let the Brits chose freely if they prefer to join Euro(pe) 2 for the sake of “Entente Cordiale”, Euro(pe) 1 in Memory of the German name of the Royals, the United States at last, or no new alliance yet because they wanna wait and see who wins, because they trust they can afford a Churchill/Elisabeth fortitude (though they are not sure America could/would help), again, or because they have the Commonwealth and they think it’s enough to rule the Pacific waves again in the coming brave new Asian world. Anyway, if you cannot avoid it, watch it.

And if some French wanna escape this France, let them do : some will choose Germany in Memory of their ancestors (be they collaborators or Europhiles, or both, or neither but just German speaking for some Reason) and because they like German beer and free driving ; some will choose London for the sake of “une certaine idée de la France” and because they prefer lower taxes and fish and ships to Currywurst ; some will go to America because they have got used to slow driving and poor coffee or want to do business with Asia but prefer junk food to Chinese Soup or Japanese Sushi ; others will go anywhere but France, because they think people should be allowed to work and get paid for it and create entrerprises and make money out of it and not be insulted for that whatever works, but France. Of course, some of the French press will say that such people don’t deserve the honour of the Grande Nation’s citizenship : let the media talk as long as they can and let the French walk their talk, as long as they can …

Honni soit qui Noah’s (tax strategy) Ark y pense …

As the French (economic advisor to François II, Karine Berger and co-writer Valérie Rabault) say, “Les trente glorieuses sont devant nous”.

Let it be (French ?) and hope it will not last 30 years.

It’s not as if it could last 70 years anyway, the world has changed. And even Franch laws and promises and advisors and polls and media ownership can change, re-change, re-re-change …, be they in favour to or against more or less (usually silly) taxes, marriage, the size of housing or the price of electricity, for instance, with the exception of the petit livre rouge du code du travail and the dialogue social(iste), et environnemental à visage humain, of course, even if all this goes against economic rationale and/or European laws, if the exception française or the next elections so require …

After all, France is “LE Pays de la Raison“, isn’t it ?

Renaud Favier, September 11, 2012.

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Please click on hereafter pictures if you don’t wanna be a potatoe couch watching the weather forecasts on Fox TV and let others enjoy sun, success, beach, love, Champagne, French learning bashing whilst you seat back in your chair reading the Sun, the Guardian or even worse and more biased against civilisation, the Financial Times and the Economist.


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