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Frenchonomics : Good News is, the French are Back … at Business School

One could believe, France would have no real business schools but only Sorbonne to educate the Jean-Paul Sartre and likes, medical schools to make sure they can export French Doctors if not cars, nukes or foie gras, and a few aero-schools. Not true.

Believe it or not, the French actually have quite a few business schools. And some of them look like normal campuses where would be entrepreneurs can learn how to start and run businesses, provided bureaucrats and ruling politicians let them do so.

And, believe it or not, politicians, top managers,the media and business unions meet every year at one of those business schools to discuss policy, economics competitiveness and other issues, right after their summer holiday (then  they they go back to French business and Frenchonomics as usual, nothing is perfect).

And, believe it or not, the French current Leader Maximo was educated at one of the real French Business Schools (the same as former IMF Leader Maximo Dominique Strauss Kahn), before he was lead astray (you know about it, women, rock n’ roll, post 68 ideology and a fastrack option to power, good food and leather chairs without risk with Public Services).

Renaud Favier, September 6, 2012.

Some additional e-reading may be needed about France, Frenchonomics, French Politics, French Cars or even more important issues. (Please click on pictures if you don’t wanna be a potatoe couch watching the weather forecasts on TV and let others enjoy sun, success, beach, love, Champagne, French learning bashing whilst you seat back in your chair reading the Sun, the Guardian or even worse and more biased against civilisation, the Financial Times and the Economist).


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