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It’s (French) economics, stupid !


Credit : Tangelly

Never mind the garbage in the streets (and the news), the public transportation disturbance and air traffic jams, the terrorist attacks, media horseshit and political sabotage … France is no longer AAA, is ruled by socialists, is struggling to try and stay in the train of the digital revolution, and is not even the 6th world’s economic powerhouse … still singing (the Internationale) whilst sinking, that’s all there is to say.

Byzeway, California is the 6th largets economy, now …



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RF – June 16th, 2016

Who told François Hollande, that Québec is a kind of French speaking California and that Indian Summer is warm and sunny ?


Credits : Dollghan

More (in French, sorry) about Hollande’s eco-trip to Canada http://renaudfavier.com/2014/11/03/hollande-au-canada-preparation-de-petit-break-politique-comme-juppe-ou-tentation-de-mba-genre-montebourg/

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Renaud Favier – November 3rd, 2014


Don’t be afraid, it’s just Europe (especially #France) suiciding (again)


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Renaud Favier – October 25th, 2014

Yes, the French is Mad … but who cares ?


Arnaud Montebourg – French Minister of Economics, Attractivity and Competitiveness

No comment …

More (in French) about Montebourg’s last craze against foreign investors http://renaudfavier.com/2014/05/15/apres-la-marseillaise-a-la-conchita-le-patriotisme-deconomique-en-debandade/

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Renaud Favier – May 15th, 2014


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The French “Normal” President has turned “Different”, possibly Mad

Elephant François Hollande France Paris Retournement économique

Now, French socialist President François Hollande, already known for his quite strange so called “Humour corrézien”, his hectic personal life including tea time visits to mistresses with a scooter, and vintage view of the world and economics, seems to have turned real crazy.

François Hollande Retournement économique Frenchonomics

“Hollande foresees an “economic upturn” – Crédits : Delucq

Running like Forrest Gump may be charming, but upside down is not normal, it’s … different, the least to say … or even … French …


A little more about it, in French, needless to say http://surlepouceparis.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/le-retournement-economique-maintenant/

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Renaud Favier – May 5th, 2014


“Just do it, Manuel, it’s an emergency” – Credits : Placide




The (last ?) French Lion is dead tonite …

The Lion Sleeps ...

It’s economics, stupid ! Credits : Man

The French government says (thinks ?) the French last Lion is just asleep : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUvo6vrIzkg

But anybody who understands French and France sees the poor Lion is dead : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MymjXr5wxHE 


Read my lips, stupid French Politician !

Renaud Favier – Feb, 19th 2014 – Facebook Compétitivité – LinkedIn – English

Frenchonomics     Compétitivité 2012 couverture

Vive la France !


“Can he fix France ?”, asks Time magazine. “Yes, we can faster” says … French François Hollande. But who cares ?

Time François Hollande France

No comment. But who cares #IRL, anyway, about France after (or even during) Charles de Gaulle, about yet another French big mouth from Corrèze François Hollande, or about whatever French XXIst century‘s President‘s speeches, be they in English ?

Yes We Can See Friday

France is a big, somewhat fat, but never big enough, thing, somewhere between Krueger Safari Park and Tivoli Holiday Park

Renaud Favier – February, 7th2014 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris

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No comment by French President François Hollande @Elysee


Please don’t ask about the French President’s private business. Especially if you are British. He will not be amused, as he already answered a journalist last week in England. And neither ask about Paris politics, Frenchonomics, weather in France, or wars abroad. Don’t …


Renaud Favier – February, 6th, 2014 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris

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Frenchonomics à la Parisienne was bad, but Frankensteinomics sauce Hollande will be even more … French


Frenchonomics is not a light Delikatessen to be swallowed with a glass of Chardonnay and jazz music, but an eBook in French with twits usually longer than 140 signs, and quite more than economists’ books standard one (more or less) new idea per hundred pages, which makes it rather tiring for sportsmen and sportswomen usually reading American football, British rugby, and French politics chronicles. But it’s free, downloadable and printable at office for those who don’t read eBooks on screens for whatever reason, and there is some (French) humour included, for those not allergic.


W…T…F… ?

Frankensteinomics may well be still worse, for those sportsmen and sportswomen who eat at American fastfoods, drink mostly English tea, and read French only if threatened to be sent on holiday in Germany. But the good news for everybody, is that the eBook is not ready for e-publishing yet, due to heavy rains over Paris, snowfalls in the French skiing mountains, and ongoing discussion (in French “dialogue social”, which may lasts years unconclusively) for the picture for the front page. 


No fear, eBook coming soon (or maybe later).

Renaud Favier – February, 4th, 2014 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris

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Please don’t laugh at François Hollande … laugh at Hollande’s France … unless U prefer watch rugby

François Hollande Queen Elisabeth

Hollande is at work (or so he pretends and some of his family and friends pretend to believe to make him happy).

François Hollande

Credits : Placide

France is not.


Hollande is at (economic) war (or so he, many of his fans, and a few of his ministers believe).

Made in France

France is no longer at whatever war (was it ever since Trafalgar ?).


Credits : Deligne – Urtikan

Hollande has an arguably good sense of humour (though basically oldschool male chauvinistic, from Corrèze, with a 70’s touch, as he was a student then).

Hollande at War

French Village People Hollande Style at War against Rightist conservatism everywhere – Credits : Nicolas Dahan

Most of the French have an arguably a disastrous XXIst century style sense of humour, whatever their geographic origin, favourit gender, or political bias.

Manifs Paris France

Credits : Nicolaz

Hollande is an absolute loser, of course …

Skyfall Hollande

Bur France cannot always win (good rugby game, England, but have a nice week-end watching other naked bottoms shows on British TV) …

The French Love the Brits

Nobody’s perfect (especially current French President François Hollande) …

Renaud Favier – February, 2nd, 2014 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris

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