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Yes, Mr. President Obama, you could Win (nicely) and can Speak (well), but now, let’s Walk the Talk

Getting (re)elected is not that difficult, even G.W. Bush managed … But we can’t always be as lucky with perfect storms as most of us were with #Sandy, could you please now kindly jail some US banksters and help fix a few things in our common world ?

Let’s walk the talk, now.

Renaud Favier – November, 7th, 2012 – Café du matin à Paris

Some additional e-reading may be needed about our common world, Europe, Euro-nomics, France, Frenchonomics, the options for future Competitiveness in France in spite of all reports, funerals and funerals of reports …
… about French Politics, French Wine, French Climate, French Changes and other sad issues that may be of interest even if of little importance for the real XXIst century in the world.
Please click on hereafter pictures if you don’t wanna be a potatoe couch watching the weather forecasts on Fox TV and let others enjoy sun, success, beach, love, Champagne, French learning bashing whilst you seat back in your chair reading the Sun, the Guardian or even worse and more biased against civilisation, the Financial Times or the Economist.


Downloading some relevant pdf for printing is another option for readers with a taste for “real” paper books (or just no Kindle, but an iPhone, an iPad or whatever else works to e-read).


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Still heavy rain in France …

The Lady who almost became the First Woman President of France 5 years ago, and who could have been First Lady of France 3 weeks ago, may now miss the seat of First Lady of La Rochelle against a same Party rival according to polls. Lasting rain.

Of course, France is modern country and Twitter (and a First Lady) is involved.

RF 13 juin 2012


#Business as Usual in #France, #Greece, #Germany, #Europe, #World #EyesWideShut…

Some European business people seem to fear, that their world is different after French and Greek elections, last Sunday. Maybe they just opened their eyes, and maybe it was a wise business decision, after all. Now, they’d better learn to swim faster …

C’est la #Crise #Fini #Normal ! So What Now in #Paris #France #Europe ?

Crossroads, bloody crossroads … No need to read Freakonomics, IMF reports or the proposals and promises of the previous, current or next election campaign to understand why the French (and their building and civil works companies) prefer roundabouts …

No, May 8 is not only a “Normal” Day. And not Everbody in #France goes to the Countryside for Holidays (“Campagne” in French)

The French don’t always win the wars or change … the real world. And they don’t even always precede everybody as far as revolutions or … mutual respect are concerned. but sometimes, they don’t get mistaken. Vive la France. Vive la République.

A “normal” President in Paris and a “different” Parliament in Athens : Euro(pe) at crossroads ?

How to kill the last few hours before the (official) announcement of yet another thing that everybody knows but doesn’t say about #French politics ?

No need to read The Economist or the Tribune de Genève or LeSoir of Belgium or the #RadioLondres twits to know a few unsaid, or not officially at least, truths about France, French economics (which some call “Freakonomics”) and French politics.