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All you always wanted to know about last fortnight (or so) in #France but were afraid (didn’t care ?) to ask

The French are in a bad mood. But how come ? They live in (one of) the best countries in the world, they can come and go to and from Brussels, Geneva or Montecarlo whenever they want, and they have (one of) the best foods of the world.

October, 8th : the French argue about pigeons, or #geonpi, fort that matter. Nobody really undestands what this French mess is all about, but it must be a French tradition to go for pigeons as they don’t celebrate thanksgivings. Maybe they already can’t afford “poule au pot”, or “foie gras”, or even plain “pâtes aux truffes” anymore.

October 7th : the French discuss geese Fashion. How could they possibly complain about that ? Appart from the fact, that Paris no longer is the world’s capital city for fashion, and that the French have bought German cars and fashion for a while, and consider Chinese ones, now.

October 6th : the French discuss French cars at Porte de Versailles. How can they possibly waste time discussing such lame ducks ? It must be a French tradition of some kind at that time of the year, another French paradox.

 October 5th : the French discuss socialism and luxury bags. Whatever works, if they like it …

October 4th : the French discuss about time. Not Time magazine, but past, future, present, that sort of things. Everybody got lost in (time) translation.

October 3rd : the French discuss good old times, when Citroën convertible cars were real big convertible cars, French world leaders were real big world leaders, and #MondialAuto was real big Salon de l’Auto de Paris.

October 2nd : some French discuss books and litterature, that sort of thing they consider as important as food, love and politics, whereas moste of the rest of the real world thinks it’s basically a business like any other kind of art that can make money.

October 1st : the French discuss Handball. Some Blues seem to have got caught red handed, somehow. French sport business as usual, nobody cares, but some French.

September 30th : the French forgot to complain (it was Sunday, but usually, they don’t stop complaining just because it’s Sunday). Anyway, that was quite enjoyable for the rest of the word, as when the French stay in their own comfort zone (without talking), it’s magic Sunday for all others.

September 29th : the French discuss the French budget for 2013. No comment, everybody knows they are very good at discussing but very bad at budget, and the result can’t be very palatable. Who cares anyway (but some French) ?.

September 28th : the French discuss foreign cars. No comment, real French lovers should not need that, but if they like it, whatever works and it’s better to ride a German Panzer than to kill endangered animals, for the same absence of results.

September 27th : the French twit about the iPhone5, like the rest of the world (for once).

September 26th : the French President discusses Syria with some diplomats and chiefs of states at the UN while other world leaders play with their iPad, prepare for their own speech, or read their emails or notes, depending on wheter they have run out of smartphone battery yet. Not even the French care (about Syria). (Nb the French also discuss unemployment in France, that day, but let’s talk about it later).

September 25th : the French talk about Chili con carne. Nobody in the world can possibly believe that, but that’s the way it is, now, in the country of the French Paradox. That must be “le changement”. Let them talk about French foods (French fools ?).

September 24th : some French politicians try to talk about environment. Let the French ecolocrats talk together and discuss against themselves.

September 23rd : some French are going with the wind (at Coupe Icare, near Grenoble). Let them fly under the sunshine.

September 22nd : some French don’t laugh. Let them try and find a good joke.

September 21st : some French laugh. Some others don’t. Let’s not interfere, it’s their own problem if they don’t all have the same / a good sense of humor.

Nothing really new under the French sun last fortnight (or so) : some laugh (at France or in France, that’s just geography), some don’t (in France, or about France, that’s just history), and other folks just work (like the Germans or Chinese), or just don’t work (like the Greeks or those people with a lot of oil under their feet), but nobody is really afraid by France anymore really cares to ask about France anymore.

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No News about #Europe #European Council, Good News …

The Euro, Euroland situation is under control. Under serious, German control, some say. With a French touch and others influences, some (French and influent Europeans) say. And realistic optimism, some (Europtimists) say. So (say) what ?