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Chinese Year of the Wood Horse Coming !


Happy Chinese New Year !


More about the New Year coming (in French) : http://renaudfavier.com/2014/01/24/des-petits-voeux-des-vieux-veaux-toujours-des-morts-voeux-encore-des-veaux-encore-devots-presidentiels/

Renaud Favier – January, 24th, 2014 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris

Let's Go

Happy Chinese 2013 Year of the Snake


There will be a lot of happiness and laughter, this Year of the Snake.


Lots of beauty, poetry, and some mystery.


Lots of good morning coffees.

Snake Coffee 2013

And lots of lovely evening goodies.

Snake is good

There may be some fighting.


There will be some sad, dead endings, as usual.


But we shall eat good food.


As well as some junk food.


There will be some talking, useful or not.


There will be some walking, like it or not.


There will be lots of paperwork, because that’s the way it is, nowadays.


And there might be love, which would make life complicated, but enjoyable.


Some great love.


Some less great love.


Some strange love.

1h1fuu2k Crédits : Walt Disney

Some explicit love.


Whatever love works.

Kaa Banneer PNG Credits : Walt Disney

Anyway, here we are, now, so let’s come and play, 2013 Snaky !


And Happy Chinese New Year !


Read more (in French) here : http://renaudfavier.com/2013/02/09/le-serpent-petit-dragon-sans-ailes-ou-vieux-freudien-mechant-bonne-annee-du-serpent/

Renaud Favier – February, 10th (China time), 2013  – Café du matin à Paris

RIP, Neil #Armstrong, Forever First Man on the Moon

Maybe you could have found a cheaper way to go swimming at sea, summer 1969.

Maybe you didn’t need to go that far to find a quiet beach, at that time.

Maybe you could have gone dancing with friends to a closer place, then.

Maybe you should have worn nicer shoes for worldwide television, this day.

Maybe you should have left the place as clean as you had found it in July.

Maybe not. Maybe you did the right choice and said the right thing.

Maybe you could have created a startup rather than joining government.

Maybe you could have played basket ball a more standard way.

Maybe you could have had a less controversial boss.

Maybe you could have been a better “chef” yourself.

Maybe not. Maybe you went the best way and did the best thing.
What is for sure is that, now you can report mission Apollo 11 to Kennedy.
What is for sure, is that you are up there forever, now.
What is for sure, is that you have a nice place under the sun, with a view, now.
What is for sure is that you flew safely back home and won’t ever walk alone.
Good bye, Sir.
Please keep an eye on us, on the US, on earth …
Renaud Favier – August 26th, 2012

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#Euro Boys … Much Talk, Little Work, Summer Job in London … and Frankfurt

Mario Draghi is a good (banker ?) player. Nobody really knows what game he is playing at the moment, but all the big guys seem very enthusiastic about it. Or almost all the big guys. Because Angela Merkel recommends more work and less talk.

RF – August 2, 2012

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