You’re never too … old #RIP #JerryLewis

I assume Jerry would say “You’re always too young to die”, under the circumstances.

RIP, Jerry Lewis.


Charade, “the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made”

Enjoy “Charade”, starring Audrey, Cary, and … Paris, among other great actors and beautiful places of the Sixties, with music by Henry Mancini … perfect backscreen Youtube for a boring summer day at the office …

By the way, thanks to a copyright mistake by Universal Pictures, the film was public domain from scratch, in 1963.

RF – August 8th, 2017

Ich bin ein Amerikaner #HappyIndependenceDay Happy #July4

France America Gallica

Credit : Gallica

Happy (American Independence and French Bastille) July Days !

More (in French, sorry)

Renaud – July 4th, 2017


What would Winston do after D-day ?


Happy World’s #MilkDay

Let’s be happy if we can enjoy milk and dairies today, and other days.

Not everybody can.

May or not May ?

May, or May not ?

May or May not ?

What’s (Tr)u(m)p (or down ? or down-under), Donald ?


Donald, or not Donald ? Donald or not Donald