Spring coming in #Paris

Place de La Sorbonne, Paris, 19 mars 2019 – c) Renaud Favier

Spring has a pretty face in Paris, and vice-versa.

RF – March 19th, 2019


From #FridayForFuture in #Paris #France with Love for #Climate and #Youth

Happy #FridayForFuture

Paris, rue Soufflot, 15 mars 2019 – c) Renaud Favier

More (in French, sorry, but with pictures and slogans in Globenglish) : https://surlepouceparis.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/sympas-ces-djeuns-qui-manifestent-pour-le-climat-a-paris-15mars/

RF – Paris, France – March 15th, 2019

Early Springtime in #Paris

Café Balzar, Paris – 25 février 2019 – c) Renaud Favier

Fly Félix !

#Macron used to be the darling of Davos, and Macron’s #France once was a darling of global #business

French voters wanted to believe, that Macron could rescue France …

European leaders wanted to believe, that Macron’s France could rescue Europe …

Global investors wanted to believe, that the Wunderkid could rescue the markets …

beach macron

Young World Rescuer not in Davos

Back to reality in Paris and orbi.

Don’t confuse Bay (or other things) watching, and ski monitoring (or no-show) …

RF – January the 23rd, 2019

Did anybody miss the French politicians at #LasVegas #CES2019 ?

For some French reason, the French politicians decided not to come to Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Those who miss the “champions du monde” of the FrenchTech too badly may try to come and visit the StartUp Nation next French election season.


More (in French, sorry) : https://mystartupinparis.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/les-jeunes-francais-en-short-de-babyfoot-qui-attendaient-encore-du-peoplitique-de-1ere-division-sont-refaits-cette-annee-a-lasvegas-ces2019-frenchtech-startup/

RF – January 14th, 2019

Happy New Year from #France with Love

With or without Brexit on one side of the Channel, and Yellow Vests on the other, let’s enjoy New Year’s eve with real food, not junk …

Happy New Year from oldschool France, with Love (of good life, good food, and good sense of humor, as long as they are acceptable to local standards …).

Renaud Favier – December 31st, 2018