U can’t understand #France, the #French, and their “revolutions”, if U can’t speak, and read, French … neither if U can

X Gorce Students Rilways on strike in FRance

Credit : Xavier Gorce

Tentative translation :

Gland des facs = college freak

Punk à chien des Landes = post hippie with dog from the French deep countryside

Réac du rail = railways teamster

Convergence des luttes = Tinder without even a sex purpose

RF – May2018minus12days

PS : if U wanna understand France, the French, French, or whatever doesn’t work in Paris and around, maybe you should subscribe to free “Café du Matin à Paris”, rather than reading The Economist or even more anti-French, or watching teenagers twitting more or less junknews in Youtube or even less reliable (so called) media from whatever viewpoint : https://renaudfavier.com


Credit : Sanaga

Why 2018 will not be a replay of 1968 in Paris ?

Because stones are to heavy for nowadays students to throw at the police

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