The French “Normal” President has turned “Different”, possibly Mad

Elephant François Hollande France Paris Retournement économique

Now, French socialist President François Hollande, already known for his quite strange so called “Humour corrézien”, his hectic personal life including tea time visits to mistresses with a scooter, and vintage view of the world and economics, seems to have turned real crazy.

François Hollande Retournement économique Frenchonomics

“Hollande foresees an “economic upturn” – Crédits : Delucq

Running like Forrest Gump may be charming, but upside down is not normal, it’s … different, the least to say … or even … French …


A little more about it, in French, needless to say

More about Frenchonomics

More about French Politics

Renaud Favier – May 5th, 2014


“Just do it, Manuel, it’s an emergency” – Credits : Placide




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