Frenchonomics à la Parisienne was bad, but Frankensteinomics sauce Hollande will be even more … French


Frenchonomics is not a light Delikatessen to be swallowed with a glass of Chardonnay and jazz music, but an eBook in French with twits usually longer than 140 signs, and quite more than economists’ books standard one (more or less) new idea per hundred pages, which makes it rather tiring for sportsmen and sportswomen usually reading American football, British rugby, and French politics chronicles. But it’s free, downloadable and printable at office for those who don’t read eBooks on screens for whatever reason, and there is some (French) humour included, for those not allergic.


W…T…F… ?

Frankensteinomics may well be still worse, for those sportsmen and sportswomen who eat at American fastfoods, drink mostly English tea, and read French only if threatened to be sent on holiday in Germany. But the good news for everybody, is that the eBook is not ready for e-publishing yet, due to heavy rains over Paris, snowfalls in the French skiing mountains, and ongoing discussion (in French “dialogue social”, which may lasts years unconclusively) for the picture for the front page. 


No fear, eBook coming soon (or maybe later).

Renaud Favier – February, 4th, 2014 – Facebook Café du matin à Paris

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