Johnny Hallyday, the French and Only Rock Star Older than Madonna, is not Dead. He never is.

Johnny Hallyday, the French Rock Star, is now almost 70. But he practices sport and rock n’ roll enough to look almost younger than Madonna. And his producers and agents are about as proactive as Madonna’s to try and sell tickets, albums and books.

Renaud Favier, August 28th, 2012.

Some additional e-reading may be needed about France, French Music, French Baguette, French Café, French Croissant, French Rock n’ Roll or even more important issues. (Please click on pictures if you don’t wanna be a potatoe couch watching the weather forecasts on TV and let others enjoy sun, success, beach, love, Champagne, French learning bashing whilst you seat back in your chair reading the Sun, the Guardian or even worse and more biased against civilisation, the Financial Times and the Economist).


Downloading some relevant pdf for printing is another option for readers with a taste for “real” paper books (or just no Kindle, but an iPhone, an iPad or whatever else works to e-read).


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