About “Café du matin à Paris”

It’s (more or less) black … it’s (more or less) hot … it’s in something which looks (more or less) like a mug … the apples are irrelevant but they look good : it must be coffee !

Or rather French “café”.

At a “comptoir” with a croissant.

On a “terrasse” with style.

Or at jobplace with whatever works.

If possible with friends, sunshine and other things that bring happiness.

And it’s free. And it seems good. Too good to bee true. The trouble is it’s (in) French.

Give it a try anyway, it’s not like snails or oysters or frogs or whatever disgusting things the French eat or drink or think or say or do or don’t do : it’s (in) French but it’s harmless, it’s just “Café du matin à Paris” and there are some picture in case language or so called “French sense of humour” would be a problem (please click on picture to go to the “Café”).
Or kindly read more in English (please click on bookshop picture)

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