Never mind, it’s just another Monday, and it’s stil August


It could be worse : it’s still August, it could have been to hot to sleep well at night-time, some of us still are on holiday (or work on week-ends and usually not on Monday, if they are not in the summer tourism business), others never work, and the first Monday morning of August at coffee time is anyhow less unbearable than most of what in is front of the rest of most of us for the rest of the year …

Renaud Favier – August 18th, 2014


Good-Bye, and Thank You, Dead Poet Robin Williams (1951-2014)


RIP, dear Dead Poet. 

Renaud Favier – August 12th, 2014

Paris-Plages under Rain … Bad, but not that Bad …


OK, the weather in Paris is getting from awful to disgusting, but the good thing is, most tourist attractions, cafés, shops, museums, restaurants and libraries are open and much less crowded than in spring or autumn … and rain may be quite sexy …

paris plages France Sexy

Credits : Abaca

Renaud Favier – August 8th, 2014

No Easy Way to Heaven …

Heaven and Hell

“Peace and Love” looks a smart way to “Pair-a-Dice”.

But can it be as simple as that ?

Hell of a duty.

Maybe not Heaven could know how to do that.

There must be a way (up) …

Renaud Favier – August 2nd, 2014

Tiger Day 2014

Tiger Day

WWF people struggle to help tigers survive crazy hunting and habitat squeeze .

Panthera tigris tigris Indian tigers in the water, facing each other

Only 3200 wild tigers surviving in the world, final countdown threatening.

Adopt a Tiger WWF

Yes you can do something to help


You may even “Adopt a Tiger”, with WWF

Renaud Favier – July 29th / WWF Tiger Day 2014


Bastille Day 2014 with Fireworks at Eiffel Tower in Paris #France

14juillet 2014

Fireworks direct live 23 pm Paris Time :


No (French) comment … Who cares about football / soccer anymore, anyway ?

France Football Allemagne #CM2014

We (French) are not amused, but if and when you can’t avoid it …

Renaud Favier – July 5th, 2014